Most businesses need a marketing executive overlooking their brand, developing new marketing campaigns, sales strategies, online marketing initiatives and more. However that can be an expensive position to fill. Fortunately, most of that work can be done by project and managed without hiring a full-time CMO. That is where we come in. Rake development was created to help businesses that see value in their brand and are looking for new ways to market their business. We have worked with numerous businesses across a variety of backgrounds giving Rake Development the experience and knowledge needed to help any business achieve their goals. 

Andy brings a much needed perspective and is fun to work with. Our business was just starting when we hired Andy. When first starting out, you think you have an idea of where you need the business to go but having another set of eyes never hurts. Andy was that set of eyes…working beside us, knocking down each obstacle that came our way. I would highly recommend Rake Development to anyone needing a partner and that is not afraid of hearing the truth.
— J. Anderson