How Rake Can Help


Position your company as the go-to industry leader with great branding and professional sales and marketing initiatives. Rake has the contacts and experience you need to launch or fine-tune any re-branding project.

Business Planning

Ready to continue your growth and take your company to the next level? Even established brands need to have a solid business plan in place. Having clear objectives and tangible goals will help unlock your long-term vision.

Marketing Strategy

Let’s take the mystery out of marketing. All too often, companies get pressured to do more than what’s actually necessary to succeed. We’ll identify the best strategies for your brand, and only focus on what’s truly effective.

Sales Strategy

Your great products and services won’t automatically translate into a pipeline full of prospects. Sales are the life blood of any business. A tactical approach can help fill your sales funnel with the quality leads you want most.

An efficient routine allows companies to thrive—not just survive. Get the outside perspective you need to streamline your internal processes, leverage your team’s innate skills, and keep your work-week running smoothly.


Systems & Operations